• AboutAbout : Thanks for taking the time to read about is a site run out of Cape Town South Africa, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. After a decade spent in Advertising...3 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Who are these guys?Who are these guys? : This page tells you a little more about the people appearing on these pages from time to time. Joe Social: That's me, I like talking kak as you can tell, you may call me the narrator. I'm born and b...3 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Susan Boyle the youtube sensation, featuring Amanda Holden.Susan Boyle the youtube sensation, featuring Amanda Holden. : So everyone is talking about Susan Boyle, the latest super talent voice on Britains got talent. I have to admit she sings really well and I got a gooseflesh moment when she started. It was total justi...3 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Getting Shafted By The WeatherGetting Shafted By The Weather : I know we have to have winter but this is just sooo not cool. I hate the fact that I have to work and try keep warm and dry at the same time. I'm pretty fortunate that I don't feel the cold that much,...3 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Maggie Grace Works The Beach Like A Flippen ProMaggie Grace Works The Beach Like A Flippen Pro : So back now by popular demand, and a bit of request action from my mate Alexis, here is a bit of dirt on some skirt. Most of you know the TV series Lost right? Well you might have thought I was wat...3 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • The Movember SongThe Movember Song : Its almost Movember folks so check out the Movember song to the tune of "Call me Maybe" ...3 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • TitbagTitbag : Todays word is "Titbag" A Titbag is someone completely worthless... like why would tits be in a bag? Example: That oke is a total titbag....2 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Pienaar mini-me vs Morgan MandelaPienaar mini-me vs Morgan Mandela : I've been following the developments surrounding the latest Clint Eastwood directed project, The Human Factor (or 'Untitled Mandela Project' as it's also known) for some time. As a huge rugby fan and ...2 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • No Space For Africa In KFC World VisionNo Space For Africa In KFC World Vision : As a friend of mine says, EVERYONE hates a bad burger. You need to listen to her, she is a chef. Wise words those. Well I recently went down to the new KFC at Eden on the Bay in Big Bay, just a sto...2 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Jessica Biel And The Back Dimples Of JoyJessica Biel And The Back Dimples Of Joy : If your'e anything like me, and I KNOW you are, you like back dimples. I recently found out that this wonderful phenomenon is called the Dimples Of Venus. I have to say that again, the Dimples O...2 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • It’s Official – Women Grow IN TreesIt’s Official – Women Grow IN Trees : Seriously. ...2 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Sandra Bullock Gets Naked At 44 And SizzlesSandra Bullock Gets Naked At 44 And Sizzles : You'll remember I did a piece on Marisa Tomei and how fantastic she looks at 44 [here] and how she finally went naked at 44 on the big screen. Well a few nights ago I went with some friends to watc...2 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • U2 Hits JohannesburgU2 Hits Johannesburg : The U2 360 tour is underway and some lucky people got to see them recently at Soccer City in Johannesburg. Being the party animal that she is, my sister was there. So I had a casual chat to fin...2 view(s) | by Asstastic
  • Help, My House Looks Like Adolf Hitler!Help, My House Looks Like Adolf Hitler! : You read that right. The owner of a house in Swansea in Wales has a unique problem. His house looks like Adolf Hitler. The owner loaded the picture of his semi-detached house onto twitter for some ...2 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Afrikamasutra – Kama Sutra Translated Into AfrikaansAfrikamasutra – Kama Sutra Translated Into Afrikaans : It sounds ridiculous, and from where I'm sitting, I'm immediately also thinking about things we whisper in the dark and I can't imagine saying it in Afrikaans, atleast,  not without laughing. Go on, t...2 view(s) | by Asstastic
  • Charlize Theron had no teeth in primary SchoolCharlize Theron had no teeth in primary School : Or so she claims, its been heard now that Charlize Theron claims she had no teeth until she was 11. Now I was over at the dentist in Milnerton yesterday, run by a mate of mine, and just a cursory g...2 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • PE Dude Tattoos Malema’s face on his ArsePE Dude Tattoos Malema’s face on his Arse : I was reading over at that two crazy guys from Port Elizabeth took friendly bets where they agreed that the one who supported the losing team of the Champions League final would h...2 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • The Zuma Penis Painting That Wasn’t Taken to courtThe Zuma Penis Painting That Wasn’t Taken to court : So after all this back and forth wrangling over the right of an artist to show someones penis was discussed at a party I was at recently, it was brought to my attention that there is another Zuma peni...2 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Mark Cueto foot in touch disease revisitedMark Cueto foot in touch disease revisited : I love rugby. It kicks ass. I love it even more when we win. I support the Springboks. I love it when we have big tours like in the Good Old Days. There nothing that excites the fuck outa me more t...1 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Lohan switches back to men – gets batted.Lohan switches back to men – gets batted. : My fave News Source, News24 is carrying this article about Lindsay Lohan being back into chasing men. Lohan switches to men: Entertainment: Celeb News: News24. Apparently she was spotted stalking, ...1 view(s) | by Joe Social

Joe Social

I'm writing this cos I have a lot to say and sometimes I can't sleep unless I write it. Then its gone from my head. I am a blogger, and a property dude. I "entrepreneur" the shit out of things. I run on tequila and good food.

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