• South African BeautiesSouth African Beauties : Today is a big day for me. I found this cool blog about South Africa's beauties. Now we all know about the Charlize Theron's of the world, but they had to start somewhere right? How about this? ...7 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Mandela Weighs in on the Zuma Spear PaintingMandela Weighs in on the Zuma Spear Painting : So right now everyone is arguing in court about the Zuma Spear of the nation painting, instead of running the country. This was bound to happen, some clever dick (geddit) has put together the follo...7 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Sick NoteSick Note : ...6 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Marisa Tomei Pulls a Benjamin ButtonMarisa Tomei Pulls a Benjamin Button : Just in case you were wondering, like I was, whether Marisa Tomei is real, the answer is.... maybe. I was watching 'Only You' on telly this morning, and being a big Marisa Tomei fan, I did a bit of...5 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Cape Town Floods – The Day AfterCape Town Floods – The Day After : So we all know the floods that hit Camps Bay and practically all the Peninsula yesterday and there have been a lot of pics floating about (pardon the pun) One particularly pertinent pic for me was ...5 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Maggie Grace Works The Beach Like A Flippen ProMaggie Grace Works The Beach Like A Flippen Pro : So back now by popular demand, and a bit of request action from my mate Alexis, here is a bit of dirt on some skirt. Most of you know the TV series Lost right? Well you might have thought I was wat...4 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Sandra Bullock Gets Naked At 44 And SizzlesSandra Bullock Gets Naked At 44 And Sizzles : You'll remember I did a piece on Marisa Tomei and how fantastic she looks at 44 [here] and how she finally went naked at 44 on the big screen. Well a few nights ago I went with some friends to watc...4 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • The Moon Rock – How To Make A Quick 1.7 MillionThe Moon Rock – How To Make A Quick 1.7 Million : It is illegal to sell moon rocks, which are considered national treasures in the US.  The grey rocks, which were gifted to each US state and 136 countries by then-president Richard Nixon, can sell f...4 view(s) | by Asstastic
  • TrendingTrending : ...4 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • The Zuma Penis Painting That Wasn’t Taken to courtThe Zuma Penis Painting That Wasn’t Taken to court : So after all this back and forth wrangling over the right of an artist to show someones penis was discussed at a party I was at recently, it was brought to my attention that there is another Zuma peni...4 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Susan Boyle the youtube sensation, featuring Amanda Holden.Susan Boyle the youtube sensation, featuring Amanda Holden. : So everyone is talking about Susan Boyle, the latest super talent voice on Britains got talent. I have to admit she sings really well and I got a gooseflesh moment when she started. It was total justi...3 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Jessica Biel And The Back Dimples Of JoyJessica Biel And The Back Dimples Of Joy : If your'e anything like me, and I KNOW you are, you like back dimples. I recently found out that this wonderful phenomenon is called the Dimples Of Venus. I have to say that again, the Dimples O...3 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Malema Responsible For Mortifying ANC Album?Malema Responsible For Mortifying ANC Album? : Apparently Julius Malema is responsible for what has been described as a mortifying election album released by the ANC. We aren't being told exactly what Julius role is in this latest debacle, but Jus...3 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Gadaffi Almost Paid For Zumas House RenovationGadaffi Almost Paid For Zumas House Renovation : It is being reported that the South African arms sale to Libya deal netted the SA government about R70 million Rand. That's almost what they needed to renovate Zumas house (minus the hosipital). ...3 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Elizabeth Galloway Graduate Fashion Event 2011Elizabeth Galloway Graduate Fashion Event 2011 : Much excitement is building up as we get closer to Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design annual Graduate Fashion Event 2011. This year the prestigious event is taking place in Stellenbosch at t...3 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Charlize Theron had no teeth in primary SchoolCharlize Theron had no teeth in primary School : Or so she claims, its been heard now that Charlize Theron claims she had no teeth until she was 11. Now I was over at the dentist in Milnerton yesterday, run by a mate of mine, and just a cursory g...3 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • New Bok JerseyNew Bok Jersey : I really like the new Springbok Rugby Jersey. It's sleek, doesn't stray too much from the design from the last few years, other than the Springbok being shafted (I did it AGAIN) shifted to the righ...2 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • All Black Chris Jack To Play Rugby For Western ProvinceAll Black Chris Jack To Play Rugby For Western Province : Yep you read that one right, All Black superstar Chris Jack will play for Western Province in this year’s Currie Cup. Jack will be a WP player from 1 July until 31 October. Jack played for S...2 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Is Mark Shuttleworth Actually Roger Federer?Is Mark Shuttleworth Actually Roger Federer? : Ok this is weird. I mean for some time now I've noticed the similarities in these guys, but lately now I've noticed that they 'just coincidentally' are never in the same room together. If anyone has ...2 view(s) | by Joe Social
  • Alcohol Warning LabelsAlcohol Warning Labels : Liquor manufacturers have accepted the Government's Suggestion that the following warning labels be placed immediately on all Varieties of alcohol containers: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~...2 view(s) | by Joe Social

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