Giving The Bulls A Bit Of Zuma

"High Five x 2!!!!!!!! IS NICE!!!! JZ is coming I flippen LOVE JZ man!!"

"High Five x 2!!!!!!!! IS NICE!!!! JZ is coming I flippen LOVE JZ man!!"

President Jacob Zuma will meet with the Bulls team on Friday ahead of the Super 14 final this weekend, his office said.

“He just wants to meet with them and say, ‘good luck’,” said presidency spokesperson Zingaphi Jakuja.

Zuma, who can sing and dance, has denied he will be part of the famous bulls cheerleading troop. You can see him in action here.

He has said he enjoys all sports, including rugby, and is meeting the Bulls at Loftus Versfeld stadium at 14:00.

Contrary to rumours the meeting will not take place in the showers. Apparently Zuma had an incident with a shower when he was younger.

The Bulls are playing against New Zealand’s Chiefs on Saturday, where a capacity 52 000 crowd, few of which expect the visitors to win, will watch the match.

Rumours that tickets have been sold at R2500, which is a lot more than even The British and Irish Lions tickets, abound. That’s hardcore. The bulls are hardcore.

JZ is hardcore.

The Bulls won the Super 14 series in 2007. The entire country is naturally supporting our ‘fully sick boys’ to coin a phrase. The phrase has nothing to do with this…. at all.

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