Fans blown up at rugby club

I was reading a favourite rugby blog of mine recently and came across this post.

The post involves Nottingham Rugby Club using 1000 Blow up spectators to fill the empty seats in their grandstand and create an illusion of a well attended match. While I support anything that promotes rugby anywhere, this is just a daft idea. Surely it’s easier to just let spectators come watch for free, rather than PAY a company to provide blow up spectators? Hell, even PAY the spectator to come watch, heaven forbid they may actually enjoy the game and spend the money they are paid on a snack at half time.

I’d be interested to know how much the company, Airheads,  that provides the blow up people, charges. I had a look at their website but couldn’t find anything.

I’d hazard a guess that spending half as much per ‘head’ on a real person (school kids will do ANYTHING for money) will probably go a long way further to getting bums on seats.

The crowd was unusually quiet that evening

The crowd was unusually quiet that evening

It certainly didn’t help the events on the field, the home Team went down 15 – 14 to the Chiefs.

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Regarding "Fans Blown Up at Rugby Club"........ Who'd of thought Africa, the country who claims to be the poorest (while really the richest, at least in minerals) were sooooo advanced????? Maybe they're so rich because they don't spend any money while spending all their time bitching about being the poorest...... I'm from Pittsburgh, PA, and I would like to know more about this, too......


Its a rugby club in Nottingham, England. We don't claim to be poorest, well not South Africa anyway. You should visit sometime ;-)

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