Bulls Vs Stormers – Big Effing Game

As a woman I reserve my right to support the team I want and my choice is the Vodacom Blue Bulls. I’ll be the first to admit that some bulls fans take it way too far in their support systems but we don’t tend to gloat, unless of course you slagged us at every game we lost.

Being a Bulls supporter in the Western Cape is really difficult, I must say this year has been the worst. For some reason the Stormers are just rubbing every one of our losses in our faces but they also seem to disappear and go very quiet when they lose. Although my number 1 pook, Joe Social is very good at supporting my team and I also support the Stormers on odd occasions. My house is constantly full of Stormer supporters.

Anyway, let’s reflect on some great times in rugby.

I enjoyed that a second time. Didn’t you?

Tomorrow ( Saturday 11/06/2011) it’s the Vodacom Blue Bulls  Vs The DHL Stormers again and it’s gonna be a cracker of a game. I’m so excited, I might just start the braai now already. The game tomorrow is going to be huge and the Stormers are the favourite at this stage.

My problem is that both teams are making a big mistake in their selection, so it might be even more difficult to predict the outcome of the game. Fourie du Preezs’ absence just means that the Stormers have a slight edge. I know I will be supporting my team with the hopes that they  win win win!

I’m sure Joe Social and The French Connection would like to have their say too.  Who will you be supporting  in tomorrow’s Super 15 game?

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