The Sun Is doing Some Hardcore Moves

You spare no thought for the Sun and what it is up to most of the time. Well NASA does, they really care. Enough to keep filming our local life giver in all it’s glory. More on that below.

Well yesterday I was chilling talking to my mate the Window cleaner over the phone (Cape Town Window Cleaning) and Boom!!! Suddenly Nothing.

Now usually I think it’s our friendly Cellphone Service Provider experiencing yet another break in transmission and thought nothing further about it, but today I was reading on one of my favourite sites about the Sun and it got me thinking about how hardcore our Sun is and how we take for granted our sedantic lives. Yet this baby can disrupt us at any time.

Luckily this time my outage wasn’t from ‘Sol’ rather it was purely coincidental that it happened exactly EIGHT minutes after the Sun belched some hardcore shit out. Yesterday they captured the most vivid footage yet of our Sun doing it’s moves. Check it out.

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