The Moon Rock – How To Make A Quick 1.7 Million

It is illegal to sell moon rocks, which are considered national treasures in the US.  The grey rocks, which were gifted to each US state and 136 countries by then-president Richard Nixon, can sell for millions of dollars on the black market.

A woman in the States tried to sell a moon rock for 1.7 Million Dollars, her plan would have been flawless if the customer she was dealing with wasn’t a NASA scientist. They agreed on a price, she pulled out the rock and like a swarm of ants the authorities made sure she was detained. No one knows how she got it but she sure as hell doesn’t have it anymore.

About 2 200 samples of lunar rocks, core samples, pebbles, sand and dust – weighing about 380kg – were brought to Earth by Nasa’s Apollo lunar landing missions. A recent count showed 10 states and more than 90 countries could not account for their shares of the grey rocks.

You can’t put a price on the moon. It’s not rocket science.


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