Stop Fracking With Our Heads

You know this really annoys me.

You know I wrote about the Fracking Karoo thing the other day right? Well I have been following this for a number of reasons, firstly Go the FRACK awaybecause I give a shit about our Earth, and anything that injects chemicals and god knows how many millions of litres of fresh water (mixed with chemicals) into our SOIL and WATER TABLE is just plan STUPID, secondly because I love the Karoo and the fact that its undeveloped, and thirdly because I’m involved in a Karoo Solar Power Business which is specifically aimed at turning the tide towards our people using green energy that does not pollute the land or use unsustainable power sources.

You can therefore imagine my consternation when reading the drivel our Energy Minister Dipua Peters dishes out to the press. Today she claims that any shale gas exploration is driven by a need to decrease our green house gas emissions.

“Because if we don’t use that gas for whatever purposes that we would want to use it for, it will be released into the atmosphere and it will also create another particular challenge.” Dipua Peters said to press on Thursday.

So let me get this right, if we don’t use the gas, it will be released into the atmosphere? Excuse me? So using this logic, then this gas should already be leaking out right now surely? Is there a start date to when this will happen, or will this happen once you frack the place up?

Just because there is gas there doesn’t mean we have to use it. When will the people of South Africa be given some respect and have a representative in such an important position that understands what they are doing and doesn’t use such idiotic logic to discuss such important issues.

If you want to sign that petition then please check my last article ‘Stop Fracking in the Karoo’ and put your name on the list! Lets kick up a stink more than any gas will…

You can read more about the Energy Minister’s press sojourns here.


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