Tech Tuesday – The Samsung Galaxy Pocket


This week on Tech Tuesday we are checking out the Samsung Galaxy Pocket. Compact yet powerful, despite its slim profile, the GALAXY Pocket commands a powerful presence. The 832Mhz processor handles rich applications and functions with ease. Expect quick responses and effortless multitasking. Your productivity won’t be compromised, especially with advanced Wi-Fi and HSDPA connectivity. […]

Charlize Theron Shaves Off Her Hair


Charlize Theron has shaved off her shoulder-length locks to portray Furiosa in the movie “Mad Max 4: Fury Road.” She and Tom Hardy (34) were first attached to the film in 2009 but it was postponed after a number of production setbacks. She Us Weekly: “It’s been three years: It’s time to skin this cat […]

SABC in Pathetic Springbok Mess Up


These guys want us to continually pay for a service that is getting worse by the minute? The SABC did not broadcast the first Test between the Springboks and England in Durban on Saturday after negotiations broke down with SuperSport. Instead of showing a delayed broadcast of the game at 18:30 on SABC2, as advertised, […]

Movie Monday – That’s My Boy

That's My Boy

Right so Adam Sandler (funny man) has a new movie out, coming out on June 15, and I tell you it looks hectic. I anticipate lots of fun, laughter and a non stop party! Check this trailer out, Enjoy!

Its Friday Fail Every One


People really are messed up. Enjoy! Iron ManThey call me Iron Man! You can figure that out for yourself. It has nothing to do with my ridiculous t shirt. Promise. I use fire and shit to makethings happen. I like absurdity splashed with a bit of order in mylife. I love the Bulls.More Posts – […]

Cape Town Wants Its Stadium To Go Commercial


There are reports that the City of Cape Town has an application that means nightclubs and offices and shops might be set up in the Stadium precinct. The City of Cape Town wants to convert its stadium into a hub of commercial activity to make the R4.5bn building sustainable, it was reported on Wednesday. The […]

New Die Antwoord Single – Baby’s on Fire – Video NSFW


Die Antwoord is back with the second music video from their album TEN$ION. The new single, “Baby’s on Fire” sees Ninja and Yolandi Vi$$er playing brother and sister having lunch with their parents. Yolandi has a new boyfriend, but her brother is not too happy about it. The video was directed by Ninja and Terence […]

Mars Colonization Plan Announced – Video


This is not a joke or a drill. On Tech Tuesday here at Socialyz we are happy to bring you this latest story. A Dutch company calling itself

The ANC video the SABC do not want you to see


Solidarity has made a video highlighting what it says is the ANC con job on the negotiated peace agreement that gave rise to the South African constitution as we know it. Solidarity claims that the New ANC is reneging on the deal made by their predecesors by wanting to change our constitution. The SABC is […]

Insane Talent


It’s time for some motivation everyone have a look at all this amazing talent in the world. Enjoy!

David The Android – Prometheus Trailer


With Prometheus opening this weekend, I thought I would put up some teaser trailers about what it’s all about. Here is a video of David, the Prometheus android. It’s all a little creepy! Joe SocialI’m writing this cos I have a lot to say and sometimes I can’t sleep unless I write it. Then its […]

Movie Monday – Prometheus


On Friday June 8 Prometheus opens in South Africa (Staring Charlize Theron), a long and very anticipated wait. Prometheus is a prequel to the hit Aliens movies from a few decades back. Here is an update trailer just to get you excited for Friday. Enjoy! Iron ManThey call me Iron Man! You can figure that […]

SABC refuses to flight Nandos Diversity Ad


There’s a surprise. The SA Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has refused to flight fast food franchise Nando’s latest advertisement, which questions xenophobia, because it apparently contravenes regulations, it was reported on Monday. The Cape Times reported that the public broadcaster was meant to flight the advert on Thursday night but plugged it because of its “xenophobic […]

Mark Keohane Quits After Cocaine and Prostitutes Saga


Celebrity rugby writer Mark ­Keohane resigned suddenly on Friday as spokesperson of South Africa’s Olympic team – hours ­after City Press confronted him with allegations of drug abuse and sexual harassment.   If this is all true it would be a sad end to an exceptional career. I don’t like the guy much but he […]

New Nandos Ad Pokes Fun At Diversity


Nandos is back with a cheeky and provocative new ad from Nando’s asks viewers: “You know what’s wrong with South Africa?” A voiceover then speaks from the point of view of a xenophobic who answers with: “All you foreigners” as a scene of immigrants top-toeing across the SA border, luggage in hand, disappear in a […]

Stupid People Doing Stupid Things – Friday Fail


Turn your frown upside down and put a smile on your dial. Enjoy! Iron ManThey call me Iron Man! You can figure that out for yourself. It has nothing to do with my ridiculous t shirt. Promise. I use fire and shit to makethings happen. I like absurdity splashed with a bit of order in […]

Jackie Selebi Still Getting State Pension and Medical Aid


Corruption-convicted former police commissioner, Jackie Selebi, is still receiving a state pension and medical aid, according to a report on Thursday. Police Minister  revealed this while responding to a written question from the Democratic Alliance in Parliament, The Star newspaper reported. More

Tiger Bites Childs Finger Off


A father from Rustenburg in North West is considering legal action after a Bengal tiger bit off part of his child’s finger, according to a report on Thursday. The tip of eight-year-old Karla Malan’s pinkie could not be found after a tiger nipped it off at the Predator’s Rock Bush Lodge, on a guided tour […]

One For The Ladies – Awesome Marriage Proposal


I saw this earlier on the net, and instead of going gung ho on bad news stories I thought I would post this one for the ladies.

Guy Owns Everything


I saw this clip while I was stumbling through the net and this is mind-blowing and now I’m wondering how much practice is needed to achieve this level of greatness. Enjoy!

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