The Zuma Penis Painting That Wasn’t Taken to court

So after all this back and forth wrangling over the right of an artist to show someones penis was discussed at a party I was at recently, it was brought to my attention that there is another Zuma penis painting by Ayanda Mabulu that has not had the misfortune of being hauled through the courts.

I thought it in the best interests of South Africans to see this painting and decide for themslevesif itis any better or worse (or the same) as the Brett Murray painting.

HARD-HITTING: Ayanda Mabulu’s Ngcono Ihlwempu Kunesibhanxo Sesityebi (Better Poor Than A Rich Puppet) at the Worldart gallery.

In Ngconco Ihlwempu Kunesibhanxo Sesityebi (Better Poor Than A Rich Puppet), he shows key international and national figures acting out or being acted on around a dining table.

He has portrayed President Jacob Zuma, wearing a part-wolf, part-sheep headdress, as the angel Gabriel with a prosthetic arm with which he pierces his chest with an arrow. He is shown naked, as is Anglican Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

Mabulu has been questioned by people about this. To paint elders in such a fashion is considered extremely disrespectful and insulting.

He says this is not a personal attack against Tutu, for he respects him as a father figure, but more against the church. He rejects the criticism as not being relevant to his generation. “It’s time for change,” he says.

Food for thought.

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Brian Supr
Brian Supr

A storm in a moers se tea cup! Eviata Bezuidnhout's plays over the years were a lot more direct and the Nats did not throw their toys out of their cots when they were butt end of "his" jokes....maybe a sense of humour is needed but then anything for a march and a toy toy as there are many rebels out there without a cause lately....ek se maar niks!

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