Who Is Garth Murphy

You might have come across the name; heard it whispered amongst your friends, heard the name being dropped at a party. WHO IS THIS GUY? I did some research and it was while  I stalked him, that I  managed to befriend the infamous Garth Murphy.

He’s a world traveler, a successful business man, eye candy for the girls, but most importantly he makes Chuck Norris look like a complete banana peel. Only a few know what he looks like, there are currently no pictures of him anywhere. Not even his own mother would part with the few she has.

It has been said that he never says anything tastes like chicken..not even chicken.

He was recently spotted in Kleinmond, Western Cape, diving for poachers and then he mysteriously dissapeared beneath the waves. About a week later he bought a shopping centre (location unknown) to keep growing his millions.

Who does this guy think he is?

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