The Uni-Brow Party – In And Around Your Face

You all remember my friend the Loose Wheel? She left the b-e-a-utiful shores of Cape Town to go see if the grass really is greener on the other side. Well? Is it greener??!! Apparently it is…cause she is now getting married to the hottest afrikaans boy that side of the boerewors curtain. ( I’m her friend and I’m allowed to say that ).

We were discussing our roles here on socialyz and as you all remember she is our campaigner for National Uni-Brow Day.  We have decided that everyone should take their facetache out for a few drinks. Don’t have a Uni-Brow? Start growing yours or borrow one from a friendbring your friend with the uni-brow.

uni-Bert & Ernie

Socialyz will be hosting a Uni-brow celebrations party in December 2012. Don’t worry, it will be well before the world ends.  Our aim is to have the biggest uni-brow bash this universe has ever seen. ( Is it a coincidence that UNI-BROW and UNIVERSE both start with a UNI?). Uni-brows UNITE. See what I did there?

We would like YOU to nominate someone you know for our Uni-Brow of the year award. Please find us on facebook or simply keep an eye out on for further details.

When we have finalised all arrangements , we will certainly have all the details in and around your FACE.



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