Summer Simply Klapping it In Cape Town

What to do in Cape Town on the most stunning summers day ever????

Well I was sitting here wondering that EXACT thing when Asstastic suggested we head down to Doodles for some sundowners…

Oh oh what to dooooooo??


So I thought about it… various things have gone down at this place, such as the infamous finger scratching video… and I had to think long and hard about my life, the direction it’s heading and whether doing such awful things would be worth my while. Then I thought about those poor folks in Johannesburg going through Toll road crises and I thought it would be childish of me NOT to go enjoy this view…

Now thats what Im talking about...

Shame what a kak view… Someone thought it best to include a wrecked ship for Kitesurfers to jump off

Get your kak off our beach!


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