Don’t Throw Your Lit Cigarette Out The Window Please!

At Socialyz, we live for social commentary but we also try never to neglect our social duties. We care about you guys. You’re like family.

Some people though, are a little less worried about things like their fellow man. We are playing around with the idea of having some sort of weekly reminder that not only is there always someone out there who doesn’t care, but that somewhere, somehow, someone at Socialyz is looking out for their fellow Capetonians.

We were watching as the chap driving this car – sans conscience – ditched their fully lit cigarette out the car window this morning (Wednesday morning 6/04/2011) on Plein St in Durbanville. Adjacent to an open patch of dry grass brightspark? Nice one. Thankfully we aren’t prone to out of control fires here in the Cape…

Anyway, as I followed our amateur arsonist a sharp passer-by went over and stood on the fire hazard. You see, everyday heroes are everywhere.

Unfortunately it still left me fuming, so I decided we would name and shame the villain of my little rant on the world wide watchdog.

You’re the Firestarter, Twisted Firestarter

KC Flooring & Carpets…. we’re watching you.

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