Shock Horror: South Africans Idols Is A Set Up

So is South African Idols a total scam? I read a very interesting letter recently on

Here it is:

“Dear Editor,

I have followed M-Net Idols since its inception. I have spotted great talent and I always tried to vote for these youngsters by what they do best on stage. One of the judges once said that the voting process is unjust and unfair for those who lack resources (DStv and airtime).

The past weekend proved again that Idols was just another immoral show with a focus to make lots of money rather than spotting the finest talent.

Why can’t they involve the judges to the end? Do they understand the demographics of this country? If Idols really is for everyone, why can’t they put fair mechanisms in place that would allow everyone to participate?

Idols is nothing but a scam that will continue to racially divide South Africa. I watched with sadness when one of the top talented girls, Thembi Nkosi, was eliminated from the show because of “insufficient votes” by the public.

The judges and the public always endorsed Thembi and likened her to great superstars. It is very clear from my analysis that Thembi did not make it because of a lack of resources by her followers.

Can’t Idols change this or is it bad for their business? Please take no offence to my letter as none is given. The fact will remain that Thembi was the top talent in 2009 Idols.

I hope music producers spotted this youngster, and also others left who will be eliminated the same way.

I have officially stopped watching as they no longer stand for what I believe in – fairness.


Well thats pretty interesting. I was also watching telly that night but I was barely paying any notice. I decided to scroll through the comments to this post and it was some interesting reading.

Here are a few excerpts:

Somebody must get to the bottom of the allegation, maybe the public are been ripped off as they make huge amounts of cash out of this program. Zuma is serious about fraud,could he look into it. – anon

Like WTF has this got to do with ZUMA? Take a cold shower bru. Here’s some Shower Gel.

Carte Blanche also had a add stating they will be chatting to SA new Idols, The Queen straight of the Idols floor and this add was aired 20min before the winner was announced? Surely someone should follow up on this. – Jacques du Toit

So a bit of useful advice came from the cool head in the group.

Now that’s why you need a PVR :) – Drukkie

Love the name bru. So he / she (hope she ain’t a she called DRUKKIE!!!??) was backed up by these dudes.

i recorded Glitterati on KykNet and what the user says is true, so i dare Mnet to disprove this!! – hoax

Yes I also heard at 18.38 Derek Watts stating that Sasha WOn.. and guess what? I recorded the whole idols, so I have the proof to back it up. ALready on Mnet’s Case about this – pv

This is hot on the heels of Dave Thompson quitting the show and the country in his usual sullen style. He basically fucked off and wont talk to anyone. Wise fella. Even Randall Abrahams his friend of 16 years wasn’t informed.

Real tight there.

Oh and this is what Mara Louw had to say about him leaving.

“If we do have another Idols and I’m asked to judge , I will miss him. But if he is unsuccessful in Australia, we might see him back.”

Wish the DUDE luck not failure you chop.

Take nothing away from Sasha-Lee Davids, but what a shamatuer operation by Mnet, shame on you.

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Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce

Idols is a load of crap,really ,its for teenagers


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