Mugabes Men Fooled In Diesel From Rock Scam

This is just patently ridiculous!

Oh my goodness!!! Only in Africa!!

Between a Rock and ...some DIESEL??!

Between a Rock and ...some DIESEL??!

Iafrica reports:

A magistrate in Zimbabwe has convicted a well-known spirit medium of fraud.

Rotina Mavhunga allegedly tricked President Robert Mugabe’s political bureau into believing she could magic diesel out of a rock.

Shocking revelations show Zimbabwe’s Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede may have engineered this fraud.

Back in 2007, Mavhunga rocked the nation when she claimed she could get diesel out of a rock in Chinhoyi.

She claimed the ancestral spirits had taken pity on Zimbabwe’s fuel shortages. Several cabinet ministers endorsed her claim. Now a Chinhoyi magistrate has convicted her and two accomplices of fraud.

The Registrar General is alleged to have supplied the spirit medium with diesel to perform the hoax. Mudede also helped the medium when she was on the run from police but there is no talk of any prosecution for him.

You have got to be kidding me, I’m SPEECHLESS!

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Mary Griffin
Mary Griffin

there are so many scams running on the internete so watch out.~~

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