SA’s Got Talent Judges Not Too Talented

You’ll remember that I wrote about who I think should judge South Africa’s got talent here. And a little more here.

Well much to my dismay I’ve just read that the self proclaimed music maestro of South Africa, Randall Abrahams is going to be a judge on the new show.

How sad is that?! I can only imagine how Seth Rotherham over at is going to react to this disturbing latest development,what with his well known public humiliation spat with Randall here.

Seth 7 – Randall 0

We had a chance to do something different on this show and we blew it.

Tonight is carrying this article:

From a frumpy 40-something Scotswoman and a 16-year-old street dancer to a Texas-born ventriloquist and an insurance-selling male opera singer, the British and US versions of the Got Talent? franchise have proved to be a true testament to the natural gifts of “the everyman”.

But while the likes of Susan Boyle may suddenly find themselves thrust into the full glare of the showbiz spotlight, it’s the men and women seated at the judges’ desk who are ultimately responsible for a reality show’s make or break factor. So much so, the folks affording contestants the yay or nay verdict have been known to become celebrities in their own right.

Just ask Simon Cowell.

Thanks to his cutting (and often controversial) criticisms of contenders on American Idol and The X-Factor over the years, he of the man-boobs is now a recognised name the world over. Would that Cowell’s South African counterpart, Randall Abrahams, could someday find himself in a similar position.

Having only recently vacated his adjudicator’s seat on Idols V, we can exclusively reveal that Abrahams (with Ian von Memerty and Shado Twala) is again poised to offer up his trademark dead-pan expression as a judge on SA’s Got Talent.

You can read the rest of the article here.

Love the manboobs chirp. Nice!

The rest of the judges are pretty cool I guess. It’s nice that Anele Mdoda is compering, she has a sharp wit. Can’t say I know too much about the rest.

The UK took it upon themselves to show us the grace and beauty of Amanda Holden week in and week out.

We choose Randall.

Can’t say Im enjoying that vibe. Let’s Recap… and little liked judge, no eye candy, lack of wit… hmmm this is sure to be a winner! I hope I’m wrong!

Oh wait  I just remembered I only do DSTV, cos thats the way I like to roll.

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Eve Gough
Eve Gough

Shadow - what a graceful lady. I have just watched S A 's got talent and wow! She is just such a beautiful person. Ian you are such a magical person. I love your spirit. I remember you from your own dancing shows. Randall - I love your sense of humour. Kindest regards Eve


Randall, just love him to bits!!!! What a great judge.

Jolena van Rooyen
Jolena van Rooyen

Shadow Twala. What a great lady. We are proud of you. Please use her in the next idol compitition.

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