Sandra Bullock Gets Naked At 44 And Sizzles

You’ll remember I did a piece on Marisa Tomei and how fantastic she looks at 44 [here] and how she finally went naked at 44 on the big screen.

Well a few nights ago I went with some friends to watch The Proposal. At first I was less than enamoured with the idea of seeing Sandra Bullock (having not seen her on screen for a while) in a Romantic Comedy.

You see I thought she was past it. How wrong could I been?

So Seeing as all my movie watching mates were girls I though what the hell not.

Here’s a trailer in case you havent seen the movie.

Now it might have something to do with women turning 44. But Sandra decided to go naked in this movie (her first nudie). She didn’t quite pull off the show us yer tits love performance that  Marisa did, but then again her character wasn’t as rough as Tomei’s in the Wrestler.

Maybe its something hollywood actresses need to do to get out of their system. Something that’s for sure, is that at this age they have certainly had plenty time to tone and do whatever is is to look so damn fine. Either way I’m not complaining.

Beforehand this was my favourite pic of the gal.

An almost naked hot Sandra Bullock

An almost naked hot Sandra Bullock

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Imagine my absolute delight then to see our dear Sandra as God intended, practically naked. Now I warn you this is a spoiler, probably not safe for work, rather funny, and therefore all too watchable. It’s the shower scene from The Proposal.

God that Ryan Reynolds is an inspiration to all men to get into gym. He of the 8 pack. Not to mention he is tapping ‘you know who’. I almost wrote about her here.

Here is the money scene.

She is 44, damn the woman is looking fine. Seems to be a trend in Hollywood. 44 is the new 24.

Might have to trade my future ‘favourite’ tag from Bar Rafaeli here.

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Allen Tacket
Allen Tacket

This was not Sandra's first nudie. She did a full nude love seen in "Fire on the Amazon" in 1993 @ the age of 29.


Great scene. She really looks very hot at that age, hotter than some who are more than 20 years younger than her. And she doesn´t act or look scandalous, she´s just gorgeous and lovable like a great movie star should be.

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