SA Internet Radio Statistics Storm Brewing

A storm is brewing over the amounts of people various South African Internet Radio stations claim to have. There is criticism that certain South African Internet Radio stations are vastly inflating the listenership figures they are quoting to the public and their advertisers.

I have just read now over on, one of my favourite blogs, about the report published by one Shaun Dewberry in which he says that streaming internet radio stations in South Africa, like Ballz Radio, 2Oceansvibe Radio and KingfisherFM are inflating their listenership numbers and that in his professional opinion their proclaimed levels of listernership are “complete fabrications. Utter Nonsense. Lies even.”

Click here to read the full report called The Truth behind Streaming Internet Radio in South Africa

Interesting and very spicy I must admit. I’ve spent a long timewo rking with the Internet and a lot of time specifically in Internet Advertising, which is particularly accountable in terms of readership figures and the like, and I’ll admit this is something that has intrigued me. How do advertisers know that the figures they are being quoted are real? I mean bar an audit being done on the site they are advertising on, or using a system like Google Adsense, it really is very dificult and a lot of advertisers need to just rely on the figures being quoted to them, and try back them up with the stats they recieve. Now with Internet Radio being around, it’s a far more difficult proposition. How does one know their ad is being heard by anyone?

This report is long but it’s a very good read. The protaganist here seems to be the service provider for these Radio stations.

Mr Dewberry concludes with this:

I first became aware that it seemed as though 2Oceansvibe were fabricating listener numbers. I verified that these numbers were false using technical knowledge of the solutions in use. When Ballz Radio launched and they too started publishing incredibly inflated listener numbers it became apparent that NetDynamix is supplying false listener statistics. Their client radio stations are in turn feeding the media and advertisers with absolute nonsense and completely diluting the value proposition of Internet Radio in South Africa. A single entity is pumping a dangerous bubble for Internet Radio in this country and directly impacting people’s livelihoods while ripping off advertisers. I cannot reasonably stand by and watch an industry I have a vested interest in be manipulated by hoodlums sporting a techno-babble swindle to technologically ignorant gullible radio start-ups.

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