Zuma Shower Gel Causes a Stink

Zuma Shower Gel - Feel Presidential

Zuma Shower Gel - Feel Presidential

I tentatively carried the link to the Zuma shower gel advert here, half expecting some sort of backlash from the media at some point. I didn’t expect it less than 24 hours after I posted my first blog referencing it.

“We can’t wait. Bring it on. Laugh It Off loves a good legal battle” Justin Nurse

Seems our mate Jesse Duarte [the level headed one] is witchhunting again and this time it’s Justin Nurse of Laughitoff who its being called to book. How about say maybe doing something else Jesse, like perhaps… trying to help run the flippen country??

The article, posted here, does raise the ugly question, how free is our speech? Heres an excerpt.

Jane Duncan, executive director  of the The Freedom of expression Institute, says any move by the ANC to sue Laugh lt Off would be “worrying”, particularly in the wake of the SABC’s “rescheduling” of a Special Assignment programme on political satire and the fact that Zuma is suing cartoonist Zapiro for defamation for his “Rape of Justice” cartoon.

“lf Nurse is now going to run into legal problems, then l think we need to ask ourselves whether we are   going to enjoy freedom of expression under a Zuma presidency,” she says.

The Gel can be bought at Big Blue in Montecasino, and is apparently selling pretty well. I can understand that. Jesse Duarte supposedly bought some. Talk about supporting the ‘enemy’.

Russell Norton, an attorney specialising in intellectual property at attorneys Spoor and Fisher, believes that though the shower gel may escape litigation, the video has “gone too far”. Have a looksee for yourself here.

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