Stop Fracking In The Karoo

Some of you might know that I’m involved in a business that promotes Solar Power in the Karoo.

I do this as I firmly believe this is the future. We have a multi billion megaton nuclear engine in the sky eight light minutes away from us yet we persist in exploiting non renewable resources here on our planet.

Well recently there are disturbing reports about money hungry Shell wanting to spoil our country and take gases out of our ground, by using mining operations to extract natural gas using a controversial technique called hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’.

This kind of thing has to be vehemently opposed by the people who actually live there!

Thats why I’m so happy to find this petition which we can all sign to hopefully make our voices heard.

Go To Fracking (S)HELL

If you want to sign the Stop Fracking With The Karoo petition, please click theĀ  link and add your name!

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Graeme Falck
Graeme Falck

2 Attorneys ( GRAEME FALCK and ALBERTUS ERASMUS)with long lasting Karoo sentiments have volunteered their services to co-ordinate the objections to the proposed fracking operations. All interest groups are invited to furnish us with their details and objections. We intend to ensure registration of these interest groups and recordal of their various objections.We furthermore intend to act as a liason between the interest groups and to procure the assistance of experts to properly state and argue the objections. At this point in time interest groups are invited to furnish us with the following particulars: Name of Interest Group: Description and Mission: Contact Person: Capacity: Email: Tel. No: List of Members: Constitution(if any): Details of Objection: Kindly send same to We will appreciate limitation of telephone calls and correspondence by email is preferred


As someone who watches copious amounts of documentaries, all downloaded off the net, I stumbled upon 'Gasland' a few months ago. All about how fracking is f*cking (coincidental?) up the US. Polluting water & poisoning people. The corporation not liable for its actions (environmental laws do not apply thanks to Bush Jnr signing legislation to protect his cronies) and not even under obligation to state factually each and every chemical (and there are hundreds) that goes into the process. Everyone needs to watch this. Youtube: Download it: Yours in solidarity!


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