No Space For Africa In KFC World Vision

As a friend of mine says, EVERYONE hates a bad burger. You need to listen to her, she is a chef. Wise words those.

Well I recently went down to the new KFC at Eden on the Bay in Big Bay, just a stones throw away from where I live. I was excited as I like KFC, and when I got there i saw a brand spanking new shiny store. The lady at the till was extremely pleasant and we¬† had a chat about ‘bling bling’… (I was wearing my Kangol Bling Bling Party T shirt). So I was super excited to buy my ICL Twenty20 World Cup Box Meal. Hell I even chatted to my ex girlfriend while I waited for it to arrive.

Life was grand.

The storm had not yet hit, summer was still here, birds were singing in the trees, children were laughing and dogs were playing. Well at least I think they were playing.

My burger arrived, nice and environmentally friendly like in its brown paper bag.

I was expecting it to look like what I ordered, which was this…

Fillet Rounder with hash brown, Sans Tomato

Fillet Rounder with hash brown, Sans Tomato

Instead, when I got home and opened the thing, I got this.

Rounder Mini-me

Rounder Mini-me

Ok I already ate the hash brown, but still this was a disappointment. I only wish I had gotten a better picture but my super kak Samsung Omnia Camera irritates me at the best of times. Which is sad cos I was sooo keen to get it once upon a long time ago.

So granted its probably not the worst thing you’ve seen, but this burger doesnt look anything like it should. You know I really hate that they added tomatoes to the mix, and then started using less sauce. We are not stupid Colonel Sanders. We know that tomatoes are cheaper than one extra squirt of sauce.It was dry, small, and had hardly any batter on it.

The children, birds and dogs had all gone silent.

So I mosey’d on over to to check out what a burger should look like. The website didn’t exist. Neither did Fuck I even tried


I got to the INTERNATIONAL SITE. I got past the horrific music and tried to find a picture of what I was supposed to have eaten.


EVENTUALLY I found a link to KFC Global, which was tucked away under a winglet at the base of the page. I clucked… err clicked it, and this popped up.

No space for Africa in KFC's world vision

No space for Africa in KFC's world vision

That’s nice.

They don’t find it neccessary to have KFC AFRICA. I mean it’s AFRICA for fucks sake. There must be a hundred million people on this continent who flippen LOVE KFC. The CEO of KFC is from South Africa goddamit. (by way of Australia with a super kak aussie accent thing going down)

This is poor form.

So in protest, even though I was flippen BURNING to have have KFC after writing this, I instead went to Pick ‘n Pay, where I got my very own ingredients to make my OWN food.

All told my shopping spree only cost me R592 and I still have to make the food. That’ll’learn’ you KFC!!!!

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