Mark Cueto foot in touch disease revisited

I love rugby. It kicks ass. I love it even more when we win. I support the Springboks.

I love it when we have big tours like in the Good Old Days. There nothing that excites the fuck outa me more than a chance to give the British and Irish Lions tour to South Africa some eyeball time. I’d like nothing more than to see sweet kickass revenge for the 1997 tour we didn’t do so well in. Even then though, we gave them a run for their money, so to expect the Rugby World Cup 2007 Springbok Team to have troubles this time round is a big ask.

Our okes are bigger, faster, stronger, and fuck me, we are playing at home. Well don’t really fuck me but you know what I mean. Last time this happened we witnessed the burgeoning LEGEND Percy Montgomery ‘skopping wange’ (Thats kicking arse cheeks forthe unitiated)

So I’m reading an article about Mark Cueto on and something strikes me. In it Mark Cueto is talking up his teams chances saying ‘if’ that and ‘if’ this etc etc. Bru I’d be a little quieter with the banter ‘if’ I were you.

I thought I’d put together some pics here to illustrate what I’m talking about.

England goes mal

England goes mal

‘If’ only the field was just a teeny little wee bit wider.

Sorry for you - foot in touch disease

Sorry for you - foot in touch disease

Incidentally I heard a rumour that a few months back Cueto, who I must say by all accounts is playing some hot shit rugby right now, was looking to speak to Joost about how to handle the inevitable ‘white line fever’ questions he would get before the Lions tour to South Africa.

Joost was doing an underwear undercover expose at the time and couldn’t be reached. Next time buddy, apparently Joost ain’t allowed to talk to anyone now, something about being set up in a sex tape??

Oh and for fuck sakes PDV, move Steyn to fullback already.

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