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Forced Group Chats On Facebook

Have you ever been forced into a ‘group chat’ on Facebook?

I have and it’s quite something. It goes something like this.

A mate of yours is excited about something and can win a prize IF she tells all her friends about it. We have all heard this before right? So she goes ahead and excitedly writes an email to her mates on Facebook and copies them all in. She asks them to help realise her dream of winning something, something she will remember for the rest of her life. It’s a dream wedding holiday or something like that.

All sounds innocent so far doesn’t it?

Then the shit starts. Karma wallops your mate back with a big stick. Her mates who in the beginning wished her well start turning on the writer. WTF is this they ask?? I didn’t sign up for this? Who the hell is sending me this crap?

They start to lose it. Logic suggests they ignore the thing and it will go away. But nooooo, they can’t ignore it. One by one they start replying, replying to ALL. Each and every one of the the 150 chosen email recipients starts adding their two cents. Soon we are on about a buck fifty and people are starting to get pissed off. REMOVE ME FROM THIS THING THEY CRY!!!! My life is being singularly ruined by this one terrible mail which in all honesty is totally harmless.

Eventually everyone who knows a little about this kind of thing has had their say. Don’t reply just ignore it, it will go away.

Eventually it goes away.

Until… one relatively sunless day at the arse end of Summer someone thinks… hey what if i hit this reply to all thing?

And so the can of worms reopens.

Each one of us misses the fact that our mate wanted something nice she could remember us fondly for. Let’s not forget that.


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Posted by on April 12, 2011.


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