U2 Hits Johannesburg

The U2 360 tour is underway and some lucky people got to see them recently at Soccer City in Johannesburg. Being the party animal that she is, my sister was there.

No this is not a Giant Spaceship attacking Bafana Bafana, its the U2 setup at Soccer City

So I had a casual chat to find out what the experience was like. Staying true to South African form, my sister started the evening by bribing some parking attendants so she could park a little bit closer ( which was still about 5000 kilometers from the stadium)  and then she headed straight for the bar and bribed the Oke behind the bar to organise her some drinks without those tokens we have all come to know and love.

All in all, it turned out the vibe was fabulous and Bono was amazing ( although some people do hate his ass due to his recent rants in the press) .

When asked what the best part of the evening was, my sister said it was walking back to the car with a drunk companion on her shoulder and waking up the next morning only to find out the tongue of her new Levi trainers are missing… go figure…

Here is a short video taken by my sister – me thinks she was slightly drunk…

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