‘Till The World Ends

She went from wanting us to hit her one more time, to doing it again,  to giving her more, and now she wants us to get her on the floor so we can dance ‘Till the world ends. Britney is not my favourite person, but  her last couple of albums have  got some catchy tunes that just make you wanna shake your biscuit on the dance floor.

Now I’ve listened to the remix of  ‘Till the world ends , and to be quite honest with you I feel like dancing… right here right now on my desk at the office! Fuck yeah! Gimme moooorreeee!! More more more!!!

Cannot wait to meet up with Mahpicki the Side Kicky so we can shake what our Mama’s gave us! whooohooo!!

Here’s the orginal, hope you at least start nodding your head and tapping your right foot…

See what I mean? Now it’s stuck in your head too.

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