The Parlotones Vino In 3D

Last night I stayed up late so I could listen to The parlotones live on air on some American radio station.  As you  probably know they are currently touring America and I am the biggest fan ever!  You’ll remember I did several articles on them and I was also first to buy tickets for their show at Kirstenbosch Gardens.

So last night, on air, they did my two Favourite songs , Push me to the floor and Stars fall down  and then the topic moved over to their wine. What is that you say?  Wine?  Why I’d love some!!  Now I love wine.  I especially love wine with Mahpicki, and Mahpicki the Mahpuki side-kicky and I are beeeeeg Parlotones fans.  So next on my list of things to do is to get my claws on their wine so we can Picky our favourite Parlotones winey!  fuck yeah!

The Parlotones Wine website also features a short video about the idea surrounding the wine.  It’s pretty fucking main as they say in the Cape.

Incase you didn’t know, they have three wines. They are called, Push me to the floor( White Wine ) , Giant Mistake( Red Wine)  and We call this dancing( Rose) .  Kief hey? See what they did there?? !

You can find their wine in Woolworths and if you want more information, it’s all happening over here .

The Vino el Spectacularo

Now  how about a feel good song hhhmmm? Evidently this is the same video for their 3D concert , coolness to the maximuss!!!I fucken love these guys!!!




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