Gaga Goes Cuckoo And Google Goes Gaga

We’ve written about her here and here and here and here oh and here oh and we wrote about her banned video here. Lady Gaga’s stupidity wows us the world ’round and we just can’t get enough of her. Probably because she makes the rest of us look so damn good.

I recently heard that she threw herself into a pit full of fire in some weird ritual. I mean.. wtf? Did you think Jesus or Judas was going to save you? Yes haven’t you heard? She’s in a love triangle with Jesus and Judas!

Anyway Lady Gaga has lost it and google is loving it. Google went Gaga. I found this video clip where they interviewed her. ( Her outfit and hair do, in fact everything that touched her just wasn’t working for me.)

In the beginning they do show a pretty cool clip of lady Gaga’s rise and rise. It’s worth the watch. Who knows maybe she’ll make us look good again – Like the bit where she wants to touch ten 10 year olds…

The bit after you hit the one hour mark is slightly distrurbing. It’s her born this way video.  I think I just vomited in my mouth.

You can also learn 11 things from Lady Gaga here.

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