KFC Does NOT condone Cholera Spreading Practices

You’re probably aware of my thoughts on KFC.

You’ll know by now that I find it mind blowing that KFC don’t cater for Africa on their International website. I wrote all about it [here and here] and I still think it’s ridiculous. According to KFC, this is what the world looks like…

Theres something not quite right about this hmmmm what could it be?

Theres something not quite right about this hmmmm what could it be?

Weeks later and a new KFC ‘problem’ has raised its ugly head. You see, for some reason, KFC seems to think it’s cool to wipe your hands on a childs head. Now to me this would possibly constitute some form of child abuse, I mean I know I’m not the target demographic for this ad, but seriously, wiping your hands on a kid’s head?

That’s just really not cool.

Here is the advert.

Incidentally a Mr HT Frans saw this advert and instead of saying “Geez they can’t do that to a kid”, he thought the next most obvious thing.

This advert promotes the spread of cholera.

Not the common cold mind you, not even hepatitis.

No, Cholera.


A Kentucky Fried Chicken television ad showing men wiping their greasy fingers on a boy’s head has been cleared of the charge that it could promote the spread of cholera.

In a ruling handed down this week, the Advertising Standards Authority also decided that the wiping was not a form of child abuse.

A Mr HT Frans had complained that the men were transferring their germs to the boy, counter to department of health ads encouraging people to wash their hands to avoid spreading cholera.

“There is no evidence before the directorate that the actions depicted in the commercial could cause cholera infection as alleged by the complainant,” the ASA said.

It said KFC’s attorneys had submitted that it was an African tradition for elders to wipe their hands on the heads of youngsters after a meal in the belief that this would endow the youngsters with future wealth.

The ASA said it was satisfied that the commercial did not contain anything which might result in children being harmed mentally, morally, physically or emotionally.

That’s enough to make me wanna give KFC a miss. Now one thing that disturbs me, is the African tradition of wiping ones hand on a childs head to endow the kid with future wealth.

Umm what?

Thats just sick man. What if youre chowing  a double garlic chessy blue cheese and liver pizza, or some shit like that? The poor kid is gonna walk around smelling like a ball, and you know what kinda ball I’m talking about.

Sounds to me like this tradition was started due to some folks not wanting to get up to go fetch a dishcloth.

By the way in case you were wondering, I would never eat a pizza like that, kids or no kids. I think the kids should maybe resort to wearing CAPSAC (here ya go) that might sort it out. They can have napkins in CAPSAC. That ought to do it.

Now where did I park my car?

Oh here it is…

You should really not do this, you look like a chop

You should really not do this, you look like a chop

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