Gibson Shows Off His Starlet

Mel Gibson made his first public appearance with his new girlfriend on Tuesday night two weeks after his wife filed for divorce.

Mel has been working it over with Russian pop star Oksana Pochepa. The two of them attended the Los Angeles industry screening for X-Men Origins: Wolverine at Hollywood’s Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

X-men Origins: Wolverine is directed by our very own Gavin Hood, he of Tsotsi fame. I gotta say the dude is doing SA proud, although his rather dodgy performance as a kinda gay flyhalf back in the day [here].

Back to Mel and his squeeze.

An excerpt from a News24 article reads:

“They came in as quietly as they could and tried to be pretty low-key. You could tell they didn’t want to attract too much attention, although Mel seemed very comfortable with her,” said an onlooker.

The 53-year-old actor held hands with Oksana as they walked the carpet and is determined to enjoy his life following the permanent split from Robyn, his wife of 28 years.

Ja I’d say Mel is certainly enjoying his life. He is loaded, and now he is working this over…

Oksana having a fat day

Oksana having a fat day

And sometimes this…

I the pleasant girl. I look to find love On the Internet Dispatch

I the pleasant girl. I look to find love On the Internet Dispatch

She on the other hand is working this over…

Baron Munchausen was there for the hot chicks...

Baron Munchausen was there for the hot chicks...

It came just weeks after he was he was spotted frolicking on a beach with Oksana.

The pair became close on the set of the movie Edge of Darkness last August, when they were photographed leaving his trailer together.

Mel – who is a devout Catholic – always denied the affair… It is a SIN to lie Mel. Well who knows maybe you have time for another seven kids, I know Oksana does.

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