Santam And Nandos Get All Mushy And Stuff

Ok so unless you have been deaf and blind for the week, Santam and Nando’s have been courting each other and patting each others backs all week. All of this over someĀ  admittedly rather clever viral advertising you can see here, here and here.

Well this morning I logged onto to get my news fill and this is what I saw.

Now I’m not chicken even at the worst of times so I took a deep breath and clicked the thing. (All along thinking ” Hang on didn’t Nando’s already prove they are NOT chicken by taking the challenge on and upscaling it times 12″?)

This is what I got.

Back at ya

We respond to Nando’s spoof advertā€¦and Nando’s responds to our challenge

Social networking site Twitter is buzzing with conversation about Santam since our new advertisement broke on YouTube on the 24th of April. In fact, Santam was trending on Twitter yesterday, making us the most talked-about brand in South Africa on the social media site for the day.

The response to our advertisement has been overwhelmingly positive with comments ranging from “Santam’s Brilliant response to Nando’s spoof of the Ben Kingsley advert” by Mike Stopforth to “Marketing win (seriously)!” by well-known South African science fiction author Lauren Beukes.

Nando’s has since accepted our challenge and agreed to deliver food to the Johannesburg Children’s Home. In addition, they have agreed to deliver a meal a month to the Johannesburg Children’s Home for the next year.

Seems like a lot of back scratching and hugging going on all ’round. Let’s hope that’s all that happens.

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