Bronx Mens Shoes Has “The Worlds Manliest Billboard” That Grows a Beard

The “world’s manliest billboard” has been set up in Cape Town’s city centre.

The billboard appears on the corner of two streets in central Cape Town and is presented by Bronx, “makers of the world’s manliest shoes”. It features a stubbled man gazing out into world.

Bronx Beard Billboard

Bronx Beard Billboard

Every time anyone likes Bronx’s Facebook page the man’s beard will grow little more. Or as the shoe company puts it: “More likes = More Beard”. There is no mention as to how this actually works.

Once you’ve liked the page, you also get the chance to watch a live feed of the billboard — which is about as riveting as you imagine it is.

The campaign is set to last until the end of the month, with users also able to invite their friends to push them up the competition leaderboard.

Now if only someone could build a carbon reducing forest that grows with likes on Facebook…

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