ANC Youth League Bashing Continues With A Smile

Thank you ANC Youth League.

So here I was sitting thinking my good God this day is going to get out of control, what with my escapades Doodleside (that’s Tuesday night happy hour at Doodles Beachfront with Francois of Bands4Africa playing legendary music) when I logged onto, one of my favourite Cape Town websites, to find THIS…

No under 'NO" Allowed

No under 'NO" Allowed

Oh my word I have a stitch.

So they quite cleverly tried to add TWO questions in one here. Very very sneaky Mr ANC Youth League website designer dude. I think perhaps the superiorly intellectual ANC Youth League Spokesman Floyd Shivambu may have had a hand in this. Remember his little ‘sleeping around is sleeping around’ rant here?

I’d be thrilled senseless to hear his take on this!

You’ll notice they have no advertisers. I wonder why not? Except themselves of course. It looks like all the dudes on the T shirts below are having a FAT party.

Incidently they don’t seem to think there are voters OVER 40.

This smacks of just saying something for the sakes of saying it, but hey I guess that’s their policy.

At the time of writing this was still live on their website. Keep your finger on the pulse boys.

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I wonder if they pay royalties for the use of Madibas image? Seems like everyone else does...

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