Afrikamasutra – Kama Sutra Translated Into Afrikaans

It sounds ridiculous, and from where I’m sitting, I’m immediately also thinking about things we whisper in the dark and I can’t imagine saying it in Afrikaans, atleast,  not without laughing. Go on, try it… think of something raunchy and then say it in Afrikaans. That’s what I thought!

A writer and three artists will be translating the Kama Sutra into Afrikaans. Ilse Groenewald is translating the text from English. The artists, Hardus Koekemoer, Diek Grobler and Marna Schoeman are drawing sketches that – just like in the ancient editions – illustrate the different sexual techniques described.

Afrikamasutra - Local is lekker

The Kama Sutra was assembled 18 centuries ago in India and has already been translated into the world’s most prominent languages.

Much of the artwork in the Afrikamasutra contains typical South African elements (An Adonis figure in a two-tone shirt, a nymph gamboling with a leopard) to make it more local.

“Jy is óf ’n getroude koek óf ’n ongetroude tert en geheel en al goddeloos” writes Groenewald. Long sotry short – she wants to create a platform for spirituality and sexuality without being judged.

I’ve browsed through their website and they also have a cooking section – Kama Kook. Sounds Interresting doesn’t it? You can check out their website here.


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