A Billion Wicked Thoughts – The Book

What get’s you smouldering? What turns you on? Most importantly, do you share these fantasies with your sexual partner?

The internet has many adult dating sites where people are more than happy to share their preferences with complete strangers. There are loads of porn sites out there, some you pay for some you don’t, It all comes down to quality I suppose.

I know many people who frequent on both porn sites and dating sites and It all starts with the click of a button. You click and presto! Instant porn! You view a profile, you send a wink or a message and pretty soon you’re having full on cyber sex via skype. Awesome.

I came across a website called A Billion Wicked Thoughts and I was blown away. Two neuroscientists,Ogas and Gaddam, analyzed a billion web searches, a million Web sites, a million erotic videos, a million erotic stories, millions of personal ads, and tens of thousands of digitized romance novels. Their result will most probably blow you away too.

“Men prefer overweight women to underweight women. Women enjoy reading about two heterosexual men having sex. Men often seek erotic videos featuring women in their 50s and 60s. Other than preferring males, gay men have almost identical sexual desires as straight men.”


Women look at Internet porn, but they’re much less likely to pay for it.

Most paysites that  feature adult videos, includes Brazzers, Bang Bros, and Reality Kings, and these  attract an audience that is around 75 percent men. Only 2 percent of all subscriptions to pornography sites are made on credit cards with women’s names.

MILFs are as popular as nineteen-year-olds

” Though the popularity of adult women doesn’t quite reach the stratospheric heights of teens, it’s worth observing that more men search for fifty-year-olds than search for nineteen-year-olds. There is a rather shocking number of searches for underage women, but you may be equally surprised to discover there is significant erotic interest in sixty- and seventy-year-olds.”

Plenty of guys think grannies are hot

” Out of the 42,337 sites on the Alexa Adult List [a list of the most popular porn sites], 313 are granny sites.” Such porn is especially popular in Britain — one “adult industry veteran” says “there’s a lot of interest in older ladies from the Brits because when a lot of them were schoolboys they were spanked or slapped or pinched by a schoolmarm.”

More men search for fat women than for skinny ones

“Adjectives describing body size (such as “chubby” and “thin”) are the third most frequent category of adjectives appearing in Dogpile searches. Are most of these searches seeking the slender bodies of cover models? For every search for a “skinny” girl, there are almost three searches for a “fat” girl. […] On the Alexa Adult List, there are more than 504 adult sites explicitly dedicated to heavy ladies (such as Fat Tube, Sugar Fat Girls, and Hippo Girls), and only 182 explicitly dedicated to skinny ones (such as Skinny Teens Naked).”

Guys — even straight guys — love looking at dicks

“There are 1,072 Web sites in the Alexa Adult List that feature heterosexual porn with large penises such as Monsters of Cock, Mr.Biggz, and Teens Like It Big. The number of Alexa sites devoted to small penises? Just three: PinkyDick, Little-Cock, and My Tiny Dick.”

What do you prefer? Does your sexual parter know? I suggest you tell him or her. Who knows, maybe you’ll bth be happy.

You can read the first few chapters of A Billion Wicked Thoughts here.  But I would suggest buying it.


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