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We have decided to bring you the sauce of the month each month. This is made up of all the top stories as read by you the reader. It’s a recap of the stories making headlines each month, as well as the crap we can come up with that you guys enjoyed.

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Ok now on to our top stories, in order of popularity.

The Red Bull Showcar in Blouberg

Our top story was the story about the Red Bull F1 Showcar which was supposed to have been zipping around the streets of Table View. We all waited with bated breath to see this, but were massivley let down when the event was moved to Killarney Race Track. Nice one Red Bull…

The Cape Town Naked Bike Ride

Ok so this was hardly a story, rather it was information about the event, which came and went. This one was a top with the hits for obvious reasons! Maybe next time we can carry some footage.

New Springbok Jersey

Well this is a bit of an odd one as we posted about this laaast time already and well with the new jersey suddenly being unveiled again now everyone wants to take a peek. Click the link and take a peek.

Zuma Spends R200 million To Renovate House

There was a huge outcry in South Africa thatwhile millions of people in our country live in shacks, our president was renovating his house to the tune of R200 million Rands! Well our voices were heard as shortly after we all had a shout about it, the proposed renovations were canned. Good for us!

Charlie Sheen is BOOM Winning!

He had to make it into this list. With Charlie Sheen doing a very public meltdown for our viewing pleasure, everybody wanted to see what this oke was up to, and we obliged by adding our two cents.

Honourable mentions for this month for articles that just missed out on this list are:

Awesome Zuma Billboard – Hilarious

Koeberg Sits Right On A Fault Line

The Drop Knee Handshake In Public

The Parlotones In 3D

Poes Rentals


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Blaine-"The Canuck"
Blaine-"The Canuck"

I Love your site, its my one stop shop for all my news and to socialyz! Great Job Guys, you could teach the Proteas a thing or Two, better make it a SIX!


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