Mahpicki The Side-Kicky

You are wondering who this person is that I keep referring to in my articles here and here. Allow moi to explain…

The love of my life and I have a pet name for each other. You all know Winnie the Pooh right? So in the story, piglet calls Winnie the Poo, Pookie. We took that name and we spell it Pooki.And we call each other Pooki. Ok continue reading once you have finished laughing..and no you cannot take our name….

Now you would call your girlfriend/boyfriend my angel or my buttercup etc etc but because I talk way too fast sometimes I once wanted to say ” my Pooki” but it came out Mahpuki,and thus Mahpuki was born ( pronounced ma-poo(H)-ki).

Joe Social and I have this friend and she is our side-kick. So I started calling her Mahpicki the side-Kicky, because she is the Mahpuki’s Side kick.  So there you have it, Pooki’s and Mahpuki’s and Mahpicki the side-kicky explained.

Mahpicki the side-kicky will be added to our “who are thes guys section” soon because she is definately worthy of that page.She has become my partner in crime of late , we’re especially into the whole star gazing/renaming thing. We recently decided to call Alpha Centauri , Ariola Centuari..but we only say this when we speak whale. See Finding Nemo on how to speak Whale. How Ariola Centauri came about is a funny story but I’ll tell you about that later…


Alpha Centauri


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