Susan Boyle makes a move on Piers Morgan

In a shameless publicity stunt Piers Morgan has offered to kiss Susan Boyle.

If you’ve been under a rock, Susan Boyle is the latest Internet superstar. This is her. She sings like an absolute gem. I posted a video of her singing here, along with Amanda Holden, the woman of joy.

There was something about her...

There was something about her...

So Piers wants to kiss her. That’s all good and well mate but really, IF you actually went through with this and the rather frumpy looking ‘young lady’ actually made a move on you, would you go through with it?

He says this:

“I’ve decided to extend an invitation to Susan to take her out for a meal – a very romantic restaurant, I think, with some roses, some fine wine, some glamorous waiters, and to offer her the chance to break her kissing duck with these little things.

“So Susan, if you’re watching, I’m available,”

After a little more digging I found that SHE had made the first move the little minx, Piers himself reports from his website that she ‘put herself out there’.

Piers wrote: “Susan Boyle, a spinster who has never been kissed, has named me as the man she wants to end this unfortunate situation with. `Piers is gorgeous,’ she cooed, `I remember when he first came on America’s Got Talent and I thinking, `He looks really nice, I wonder who he is?

“I was too embarrassed to tell him how I felt when I was at my audition but I had my hair curled especially for the show.

Here is a Pic of piers upon hearing she wants to get it on with him.

A nervous looking Piers Morgan doing it for his country.

A nervous looking Piers Morgan doing it for his country.

The former newspaper editor confessed that he was “genuinely flattered” by Susan’s comments. ummm Ja sure you were mate. It seems just mentioning Susan Boyle nowadays is good for business. Susan Boyle. Not to be confused with Susan Boyle the artist, who is probably loving the spin off business she is getting. Susan Boyle.

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