Dr Phil

I have this mate of mine Phil. You can read more about him here. He is an ex psychologist, the chicks love it. We used to wing man the fuck outta the concept at local bars, I’d play the good guy friend and Phil would be the ex psychologist who didnt want to talk about psychology. I’d mention to the girl that Phil ‘used to be’ a psychologist.

I’d say “Oh come on Phil just give her a small taste of it”

He would say “No man fuck off I’m sick of doing it”

She would say “Oh Please!!!!?”

Phil would say “… oh alright”

Eventually we would know everything about the girl, most importantly whether to ‘go there’ or not. It’s an EXACT science, we would always get it spot on. Come back Phil we love you. Phil is currently hibernating after a recent break up… I warned him about her…

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