Are OLX Buying Gumtree?

I did a post earlier today about OLX versus Gumtree Advertising and i thought it was rather sneaky. I posted it here.

After doing a bit more research I found this URL

Is this a case of trading off the brand of another or is it way more innocent? Are OLX buying Gumtree? If you click one of the links on the URL, all of them go to a page that shows that there are no ads, however there are plenty of options below based on that topic for the user to click. All of these ads naturally go to a complete OLX domain. Is this SEO kidnapping?

This is very interesting as either OLX are busy moving gumtree over to themselves in certain markets or they are piggy backing off Gumtree. I’m inclined to think its the former. You will notice the shared URL, the Gumtree title on the Page and the category structure too.

The Keywords for this page are almost completely Gumtree related.

Check it out. One of the things this could be of course is that Gumtree are putting their adverts onto OLX via an XML feed, in which case, is this legal?

olx gumtree

A symbiotic relationship or something bigger?


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