Twinmassproducer – Parking Attendant Of The Year

Our funny man friend, The Twinmassproducer, and I have been, for weeks now keeping our eye on a BMW X3 parked in and around our complex. Not because it’s a cool car but because this person is quite obviously part of the PLAP club. This woman parks over two parking bays without fail every single time.

New Member Of PLAP

Last night, we were all feeling very brave and The Twinmasproducer in his moment of braveness decided to go put a note on this car.

It was all a bit of a laugh posing for pictures when all of a sardine he got caught. True to his witt and form, he laid one in this chick. When she asked him what he wanted from her he said R200 because that will be the price to release her car once a wheel clamp is put on. At this point a whole crowd of people had gathered to watch this spectacle from their balconies and we just could not help but laugh.

Long story short, she moved her car, she still parks scew but atleast she’s not inconveniencing everyone in the building anymore, and thus we woud like to thank the Twinmassproducer for solving the problem altogether and for being the Parking attendant of the year!


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