The Drop Knee Handshake In Public

It’s no secret I always read 2oceansvibe and I love the funny shit those guys come up with.

Ages ago I read about the different new and cool ways to shake hands and I was very impressed with the Drop Knee Handshake as done by Seth Rotherham and The Dude.

So I had this mulling around in the back of my head for a while, but last week I finally got the courage to do it in public. I was out on a gorgeous Monday evening at my favourite beachside bar, Doodles beachfront in Table View. I got the obligatory 4 tequilas down my throat and recruited my mate The Labour Broker to be my guinea pig.

I nervously sort of explained the whole concept to him and then went for it. Luckily Asstastic was on hand with her faithful Blackberry and the moment was captured on video.

So without further ado, I present to you, Joe Social and The Labour Broker doing the Drop Knee (big thanks to Seth and co), done in public, maybe for the first time?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the guys at 2oceansvibe could let me know if this is a world first?

You can see the original Drop Knee Handshake as done by Seth Rotherham and The Dude here.

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Joe Social

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