Things You Probably Shouldn’t Do In Public…

…Rubbing your finger in a very strange manner!

So, last night my man and I went down to our local. We are regulars at Doodles and everytime we go,  my Jelly bear comes up with some random way to make me laugh… This one took the cake.

I can’t remember ever getting an itchy finger, (no gutter brain don’t go there ) so i’m not sure if this is normal. You tell me!??

Here we can see Joe Social scratching his finger… wait for it… on his chin??? and then what would look like him rubbing his cheek, is actually him scratching his finger on the side of his face ( I almost made a crude joke about fingering and it out) …

God bless men who have stubble to get rid if those nasty finger itches and God bless my Blackberry for capturing moments such as these!

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