Susan Boyle the youtube sensation, featuring Amanda Holden.

So everyone is talking about Susan Boyle, the latest super talent voice on Britains got talent. I have to admit she sings really well and I got a gooseflesh moment when she started. It was total justice to see how shocked everyone was to see how awesome she is. Respect Susan!

Check it out.

Total much more respect to Amanda Holden, I love that chick. She can come visit ANYTIME! She is so cool, she says the ‘P’ word, at 4.06 naughty. She is some real hot totty. When they say Britains got talent theyre actually talking about her.

My fondest memories of living in England were of the English girls, I have a real soft spot for them, Amanda is the perfect example, RESPECT.

Now I know she is married, but she did have an affair once, so I’m still in with a chance.

Check this out.

Looking just peachy Ms Holden

Looking just peachy Ms Holden

and some more…

Amanda working her ass

Amanda working her ass

and one more…

Not just a piece of meat

Not just a piece of meat

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Reece Khan
Reece Khan

I have seen the performance of Susan Boyle and it is never short of excellent. Definitely one of the best voices out there. ~


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