Mal Kitesurfer Launches Off The Crane On The Blouberg Wreck

I live on the West Coast and this place gets inundated with Kitesurfers.

Mostly I see them down at my local pub Doodles, causing kak and creating general mayhem. They’re not too well behaved either…

Recently this ship ran aground and we have all been wondering what to do about the wreck of the Seli 1. Well one of these kitesurfer dudes clearly saw it as more than scrap metal or an artificial reef.

He thought, hell lets jump off this thing! I gotta tell you its a wee bit irresponsible, what with kitesurfers reguarly pegging ’round these parts flying into buildings and shit… The biggest respect must go to how he launched his kite while up there!

Anyway here’s the vid of crazy Nick Jacobsen jumping off the Seli 1…

Crane Jump from kitecentre Zanzibar on Vimeo.

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