Cape Town Adventurer Ray Chaplin To Conquer The World

You know how it feels when you go to the gym and have a 5km run? Maybe knocking out a few km’s on the exercise bikes and some time on the rowing machine? Tiring enough in a 1 hour gym session. You just want to get home and chill for a bit, feeling pretty good about your efforts.

Well, meet Ray Chaplin.  He thinks you’re soft!The 30 year old, Cape Town man has decided that the only true test of mental and physical endurance should involve a little more than a couple of days at the gym each week. Which is why he’s decided to circumnavigate the globe instead. Now we know what you’re thinking “nothing new there, been done already” and to some extent you’d be right. But Ray’s unique selling point is that he’s going to be doing a vertical circumnavigation, i.e. he’s crossing both the poles. Oh, and just to add a little spice to the task, he’s doing it with no more than his own body as the engine.

That’s right, Ray Chaplin plans to walk, paddle, cycle and ski the 75,000km journey in 80 weeks. And just so that you ladies out there don’t mistake him as being simply a tough guy, he’s doing it for a few very worthwhile causes chief amongst them preservation and conservation. His route will see him departing Table mountain in August, heading north through Africa, The Middle East, Europe, The Arctic, The America’s and The Antarctic and finally home to Cape Town taking in around 200 UNESCO world heritage sites and a few timeout’s to conduct some education initiatives he’s developed like self-sustainable computer centres and educational workshops for African kids.

And then he’ll turn some water into wine!

Ray Chaplin – likes long walks by the seaside?

This isn’t Ray’s first expedition, and you can read more about this incredible challenge as well as previous adventures at his website, Here you’ll find more details about the circumnavigation as well as ways to follow his progress.

Ray, some may doubt you, but you’re one of Cape Town’s own, so we’re confident you’ll do it! The folk at Socialyz are 100% behind you and wish you well!

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