Shem Davies Is A Grandfather

Which makes him quite famous or infamous in the UK depending on how you look at things.

Why? Well, Shem has just achieved the notable “accolade” of being named Britains youngest grandfather – aged just 29!

Yup, Shem’s family are taking the UK’s teen-pregnancy vibe to a whole new level. To give you the abridged version of events, Shem Davies became a father to young Tia at aged 14. Not to be outdone of course, Tia has herself given birth to a little girl, Ava one week shy of her 15th birthday, making Shem the UK’s youngest grandad!

Amongst other things, Oupa Shem – who is jobless – was quoted as saying the following, “”One minute Tia’s a baby, the next she’s pregnant. I could have yelled at her, but what’s the point?”.

He went on to say, “I always lectured her on contraception…….”.

Really Shem? Did you really?

It’s really shameful that the UK has created a system of benefits that actually encourages this sort of tragic occurrence. It’s one thing to have a teen fall pregnant where the mother and baby can benefit from the assistance of a working grandparent, but it’s not a very encouraging start when the only options are a jobless 29 year old grandfather or state benefits. It’s almost a given that the benefits route will lead to further children in an attempt to secure more benefits, so that you never miss a weeks fags or lotto tickets.

And thus the cycle continues.

Modern Family?

Who would have thought Hobbits and humans could successfully reproduce?

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