Fish Hoek – What Is Up With Your Roads?!

Anyone who has been to Fish Hoek lately will have noticed the absolute nightmare the road works are causing just to get IN to Fish Hoek. You spend hours doing a trip from the city centre that should take you half an hour. The frustration is immense when you arrive on the other side only to find that the problems are being caused by a mistiming traffic light which allows one or two cars through from the congested side, yet allows about 15 cars through from the not so busy side where there is a stop / go system in place.

This got me thinking about how badly something can be managed. The obvious next thing to take note of was how well other things are being run in the area (and let me tell you I had more than enough time to do this while sitting waiting in traffic!)

Well I think the problems in Fish Hoek and surrounds are endemic. The first things I always look at are the road signs. You can tell a lot about the place from these things.

I spotted this one almost immediately.

Nice Spelling there Boet!!

That’s a bit of a big mistake there buddy! This is the first road you hit when you enter Kalk Bay. That said, there had to be more…

Asstastic and I then saw this one…

This could explain why the guy in charge of the signs isn’t up to the job. Clearly someone else in Kalk Bay shares our sense of humour!

So next time you’re stuck in a rut (or a traffic jam) and you want to try and alleviate your frustration, try see if you can spot any howlers like this. Send them through to us we would love to see them.

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