Cat Fight Gets Nasty In Big Bay

I live in a really cool complex in Big Bay Cape Town. Its right off Blouberg Beach and I get some stunning views of the sea and Table Mountain and Robben Island and of course every single Cape Town Sunset.

One of the things I really enjoy about the place I live is how that have catered for nature. We have a green belt behind our complex which is teeming with wildlife. Shit I even have a Falcon who perches on my windowbsill most days, eyeing out the field mice (and crapping all the way down the newly painted wall, much to the delight of the painting contractor). Also lately there has been family of wild cats living off the land behind our spot.

Cats are pretty cool, I mean how cool is this cat? (Thanks Amy)

I'll have a decaf skinny latte with foam and make it snappy mofo! This is my spot sort it out.

I'll have a decaf skinny latte with foam and make it snappy mofo! This is my spot sort it out.

So you can imagine my dismay when I found this in my letter box.

Cat Psychos working the system

Cat Psychos working the system

It’s a letter from some somewhat aggressive cat junkies on my Estate. Unbelievably these people are having serious issues about a non event. You see I actually know some of the people involved, and this letter is written by two people who’s ‘cats can do no wrong’. That means that a) Their cats shit doesnt stink, b) their pissing on the neighbours front step is a condoned practise and c) they have nothing to do with the army of stray cats we now have living in the green belt behind our complex.

All this in a ‘No Pets Allowed’ complex.

Heres a transcript.

Cat owner? Fed up with the intimidation and threats? Worried for your cat?

Let’s get together for Coffee and a chat and see how we can unite and protect our beloved furbabies against the psycho on this estate who is threatening to ‘take care’ of our cats. Unlike this psycho who will not leave his/her name, we are not cowards. There are four of us already.

Suzanne and Hilary at (number deleted) Please call. You will be glad you did.

Wow! Thats just plain disturbing! The worst thing is that there are four of them already!

These are the days of our lives.

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