Cape Town Sundowners, And A Boat

After a lazy luncheon with my mother for mothers day yesterday, I decided to go for sundowners. I was sitting at my usual sundowners place, Doodles Beachfront in Blouberg. Doodles is one of the best places for a Blouberg Sunset or Sundowners on Cape Town’s West Coast. Probably because of this really crappy view….

It’s really so kak.

Damn you Samsung Omnia DAMN YOU!! How dare you spoil such a beautiful shot!

Damn you Samsung Omnia DAMN YOU!! How dare you spoil such a beautiful shot!

This ones a little bit better. Can you see the boat? That’s NOT the one Im referring to, the one I refer to below was BIGGER, and slighty over to the right. Kinda Robben Eilandish.

What a lovely Catamaran

What a lovely Catamaran

Iwas having a conversation with a really pretty young thing I had just met… when she said to me… hey…. look what kind of boat is that? She pointed over to what was VERY CLEARLY a cargo carrier sitting in Table Bay. I thought about this for a second then told her… it’s a Catamaran.

She was obviously trying to make conversation.

Using my absolute niceness that I hold within me, I eventually told her “No I’m only kidding thats a container carrier, would you like a tequila?”

All this got me thinking about one of my favourite music vids of all time. This is it.

I’m On A Boat @ Yahoo! Video

I love a bit of satire on a monday morning evening. I just love the fact that these guys can take the piss out of anything and make it sound good. Its pretty funny too. I actually remember the first time I saw an RnB/HipHop boat scene. I thought then… Ummm ok these okes are on a boat now what? (talking of WHAT check this out.)

Nice to see I’m not the only one thinking these things.

For the more risque amongst you lets revisit another one of their offerings shall we? Remember Jizz in my pants? Another powerful song from The Lonely Island. Go here, but be warned, not for the prudes amongst us. Featuring Molly Sims. Gotta love it.

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