How To Get To The Parlotones Concert – Not According To Claud

This weekend I was lucky enough to go watch the Parlotones at the Old Mutual Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts venue. The vibe was great and the slightly cooler weather was a welcome relief after all the hot summer days we have had in Cape town lately.

Getting to the concert was easy, but one Cape town driver tried his utmost to make it a mission to get there. We were unfortunate to be behind Claud for most of the way there. Claud made sure he drove slowly when there were huge gaps in front of him on the road, and took his sweet time at intersections.

Learn To Work The Vehicle Claud

That frustration over, parking as easy to find and the short walk to the venue wasnt too bad. We went into the venue and settled on the grass wheere we got out the picnic baskets, took a look around to see what vibe was going down and were greeted by this almost immediately…

Nom nom nom nom....

This cheerful fella was kind enough to give us some of his food, which we promptly exchanged for an empty packet which he used as his rubbish bin.

The show its self was great and I would certainly do it again. The Parlotones played all the crowd favourites, as well as one new song which I expect to get a fair amount of airplay… another crowd fave on the way!

The highlight of the afternoon for me was this…

We owe you one...

Only kidding, but we do owe you one!

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